• Name: Hien Duc Diamond Palace Hotel, Hanoi
  • Category: Hotel
  • Designed by: Main consultant: Paccific Link Local consultant: work for IBST Institute forbuilding science and technology
  • Scope of work: Local consultancy for Architecture
  • Year of design: 2007
  • Client: Hien Duc Corporation
  • Project scale: GFA: 81,327 m2, Land area: 8,971m2 , Building height:18 storeys.

The design concept seeks to define the hotel / service apartment as a grand, unique landmark along the Westlake (Tay Ho) that is cherished by both hotel guests, residents and locals alike. The uniqueness is developed through a series of clearly identifiable building forms integrated with traditional Vietnamese elements. Green open spaces through landscape courts and water feature is introduced on ground floor and basement 1 to give a unique feature to the hotel. These together with the near by Westlake scenic spot will be able to provide a strong marketing feature which other hotels in the city are not able to provide. These green features will also link up the flow of spaces from the ground level to the basement. Thus, open up the commercial area at the basement and give an inviting effect to the shoppers. Given its strategic position fronting the Westlake and the mixed-use nature, the design strategy maximizes view from hotel room and apartment to the Westlake while providing for good commercial frontage along the main street.

In the proposal, there is a 14 storey “U” shape tower block for the hotel guest room sitting on top of a 4 levels podium with a basement to hold the public commercial and hotel related activities, such as F and B outlets, convention hall, retails, entertainment, recreational facilities. In addition, there are 2nd and 3rd basements which house the back of house facilities, M and E rooms and car parks.

The hotel rooms take the southern and western wing of the ‘U’ shape block while the service apartment takes the northern wing.

Ground Floor

The hotel grand entrance and convention center/apartment entrance are located along the main road on the east and side road on the north respectively. The point of access to the area of different function is separated. The convention and apartment each has its own entrance lobby and separate vehicular access.

Apart from the various public function areas, lobbies etc the service vehicles entrance for the hotel and commercial with restrict access to the public is located on the south with security control.

The electrical transformer is located at street level for easy access and maintenance.

The other uncover area is either use as drive way, landscape court, terrace or deck which forms the basement roof slab.

Ground Floor Mezzanine

The shopping arcade which has a good exposure from street level is also over looking the internal landscaped court and hotel lobby. It is accessible via escalator or elevator from the street level lobby. It is conceived as a more intimate space to serve not only shoppers but hotel guest as well.

First Floor ‘

Where the restaurant and main kitchen is located, the main dining area which is approximately 9 meters above the street level will have a good view of the lake.

There are some small commercial spaces on the north.

The main kitchen is connected to the second-floor convention hall servery area via a service lift.

Second Floor

Envisioned as the convention and business hub for international convention and exhibition. Supported by conference center, meeting rooms, business center. The main convention hall with a sitting capacity of approximately 500 persons is able to subdivide into 2 smaller halls by retractable acoustical partition.

Third Floor/ Third Floor Mezzanine

Away from busy city life, the hotel also provides a wide range of recreational facilities. There is fitness center, health centre with spa, massage rooms, indoor swimming pool. The facilities are for hotel guest and members.

There is direct linkage from the fitness/health centre to the swimming pool deck on 3rd floor mezzanine.

The hotel office is located on the west wing third floor.

Fourth to Sixteenth Floor

Guest rooms generally with 39 rooms per floor and services apartment of different types and combination the guest rooms are standard and deluxe rooms with junior suite at the end corner. There are house keeping, linen store and staff toilet and washing facilities on each floor.

The rooms on the northern and southern wing with the window tilted at an angle will allows the guest to have a good lake view while sitting or working in front of the desk. This will also allow effective use of space.

Seventeenth Floor

Dedicated as a club floor for the exclusive suites, presidential suite and private dining space

Eighteenth Floor

There are M and E facilities, cooling tower, tank and boiler room etc.

Basement 1

Apart from retail space, mini super market, entertainment and food court. There is the loading and unloading deck and back of house facilities. The loading/unloading area lower than road level is accessible via a one-way ramp with traffic movement control light. The retail spaces are connected by escalators to the upper floor and steps to ground level on the west and east

Basement 2

For back of house, M and E services, the quantum is subject to evaluation of M and E and back of house requirement. The staff facilities and laundry will be located on this floor. There is car and motor cycle parking.

Basement 3

For back of house, M and E services, the quantum is subject to evaluation of M and E and back of house requirement. The housekeeping, storage, workshop, engineering department will be located on this floor.The major services like water tank, pump room, treatment plant, chiller room etc will be located here as well. There is cars and motor cycle parking. Total number of car park lots provided by basement 2 and 3 is 279 lots.

Vertical Circulation


Subject to further evaluation, 6 numbers of passenger lifts for the hotel guests will serve ground to seventeenth floor.

Out of the 6 lifts, 2 will serve from basement 3 to 18th floor. There are 2 service (goods) lifts for engineering, furniture, commercial and stretcher.

These lifts will serve the basement, podium and tower block. There are 2 passengers lifts and 1 service lift for the service apartment. The service lift can be used by hotel staff in normal days.

There are 2 passengers (public) lift for the convention, health centre facilities, commercial, retail area and car park which is accessible to the hotel guest and public.

These will serve the passenger from basement 3 to 3rd floor mezzanine.

The lift arrangement and zoning is to ensure privacy and security to the hotel guests and residents. Public access to the hotel rooms and apartment on upper floor is restricted.


2 sets of escalators on each floor is provided for the convention and retail facilities on basement 1, ground floor, ground floor mezzanine, first and second floor. These will allow for quick movement of participant and shoppers and connect up their movement from various floors in the podium and basement 1.


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