Key information

Use :Sunscreen Facade System

Applications :Institutional, Commercial, Residential buildings

Characteristics :Woven stainless steel mesh, unlimited materials, shapes, colors and sizes, different levels of translucence

More about this product

Similar to a textile, Fabrik® by Flexbrick allows you to “dress” your building in unlimited materials, shapes, colors, sizes, with different levels of translucence.

The stainless steel mesh is woven with other materials creating inspiring and unique screen walls. A Fabrik® screen wall can be “dressed” in terracotta, glass, wood and many other materials. Your design options are limitless.


Thermal Confort, daylighting, glare protection

– Production facility utilizes BIOGAS (methane) extracted from adjacent landfills:

Significantly reduces use of fossil fuels Significantly reduces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions

– Harness heat from kilns to run dryers
– Factory utilizes daylighting
– Recycled materials
– Materials regionally sourced:

Local materials regionally sourced Shipping via ocean dramatically reduces carbon footprint and allows for 500 mile regionally sourced credit

Reduces carbon footprint

Environmentally friendly manufacturing






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